Belgrade Senior Center

These pictures represent just a portion of everything we grew. Our seniors enjoyed the gardens immensely! We learned some valuable lessons and we are already making plans on what we can improve next year. Many of our folks helped themselves to produce so the following is an estimation of what we used at the center and what was taken home by our seniors.

Peas: 3#         Beans: 5#            Carrots: 12#             Peppers: 6#         Tomatoes: 16#       Cucumbers: 20#

Winter Squash: 12#      Beets: 2#         Lettuce: 5#

The kohlrabi didn’t do too well. We ended up with only a few that grew big enough to use but they were delicious!

Dave is drying the basil, parsley and rosemary and will use it through the winter. It was so much fun!

It all began on a drizzly, May day when a Building Belgrade group of volunteers arrived at the Belgrade Senior Center with plans, materials and soil. Dressed to withstand the weather, these volunteers worked tirelessly and by the end of the day, BSC was the recipients of 6 new raised garden beds filled with rich, dark soil and ready to plant!

And Then We Feasted

We grew tomatoes, carrots, kohlrabi, beans, cucumbers, lettuce, beets, squash, peppers, peas,  parsley, basil, and rosemary! We even had a few open spots to plant Poppies, Bachelor Buttons, Gladiolas and Zinnias!


We invited the Honor Society to come and help plant our gardens and after a late June frost where we lost and replaced a few plants, we were on our way!


Belgrade Senior Center Garden Project

Sponsored by Gallatin Garden Club , Building Belgrade, Kenyon Noble & Knife River