Belgrade Senior Center

A Walk in the Woods
Five brave souls ventured out in the wild,
The weather was perfect, so balmy and mild
With leaves drifting down, carpeting the ground,
And streams gurgling along, as they sang their song.
It was all such a delight, As we drank in the sight.

But I must admit there was danger involved
And problems to be solved.
As we came to the creeks that had to be crossed,
What if one of us were to be tossed
Into the brine, so icy and cold?
But not to worry, we all very bold,
As we trekked across on those logs and sticks,
And gingerly made it across those cricks!

Onward we trod, with delightful glee,
Oohing and awing over many a tree,
Often wondering what plant that could be.
There was always so much to see,
God’s beauty can not be beat,
He gives to us treat after treat,
So, we’re excited and ready to venture again.
We can’t wait for it to begin.

                                                Bev Larson - member

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